There’s a lot of insanity going on inside the Maralago Adult Center, an asylum for world leaders and wealthy oligarchs who’ve lost touch with reality. Deposed dictators, billionaire industrialists, democrats and republicans alike. all share the comfy confines of an insulated world isolated from the world in which we live. One, however, stands apart from the rest...


While also standing in a puddle of his own pee.


Armed with his army of imaginary allies, galactic-level narcissism, and an intelligence level slightly surpassing a blade of grass, Trumpy rules as the self-proclaimed King of the United States of Everything. This despite constant challenges to his “power”, his obvious racial slants, leaving puddles of pee everywhere, destroying allies when things go horribly wrong, and his well-documented kryptonite -- juicy McConnell Fried Chicken (MFC).


And when a “Russian Dressing Scandal” breaks out, surrounding yourself with a talking fart, a racist pink bunny, an evil sandwich, and a hand puppet is simply begging for trouble.



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