Danny is a smaller-than-average boy of FOUR. A boy of four with a monstrous ROAR.


He loves to playfully STOMP and RAWR all over the place as the “terrifying” Dannysaur. To him, this is a big deal. But with each successive roar, and as adults kindly brush him aside as “just another overactive kid”, he starts to wonder if his “big deal” isn't such a big deal

after all.


Dannysaur is about the THE LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE, and how adults can sometimes forget how very big of a deal little things can be for itty bitty children.


A robot has been built, and it’s of a strange design... It LOOKS like a fish.


The problem is: Robots don’t get along with water. Why would anyone build a robot that’s also a fish? What’s the point if, by its very nature, it cannot do what it was designed to do?


Robotfish is about ASSUMING, and how the mind (even a super-secret computer mind) can wander to conclusions, when all it had to do in the first place ...was ask.



A conniving little kitty cat who wants everything for himself learns a valuable lesson regarding "want" versus "need" when he competes with a brand new houseplant for the only sunny spot within a tiny big-city apartment.


The plant occupies the only place in the apartment where direct sun rays exist. Squeek loves the warmth of the sun. What he doesn't love is that his owner has taken the spot away by placing a new plant directly in front of the window.


Squeek has a plan. He thinks he's clever, yet he's going to learn very quickly, through his actions, that "need" is far more important than "want".


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